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    Enlarge image

    Honeywell HZ-0360 Heater

    The Honeywell HZ-0360 is a surround fan forced heater that helps you to maintain higher temperature in room. Featuring unique 360-degree design, this Honeywell heater performs uniform heating througho Show more
    $37.75 - 56.99
    ( 7 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Broan-NuTone 120 Heater

    Warm up your room with the Broan-NuTone 120 heater so you do not have to wake up as a Popsicle. To render optimum performance, this Broan-NuTone electric heater has the ability to convert to 500W at 1 Show more
    $90.71 - 127.99
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Infratech 141000 Heater

    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Stadler Form ANNA Ceramic Heater - White Heater

    Anna raises the temperature! Not just because of her hot looks, but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna heats discreetly and quiet Show more
    $96.99 - 119.99
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Mr Heater MH75KTR Heater

    $229.99 - 249.99
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Holmes HFH113 Heater

    Features: Manual controls White coloring Variable temperature settings Heat up an area efficiently with this compact heater fan by Holmes. The white coloring fits in with any decor and the manual cont Show more
    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Broan-NuTone 114 Heater

    Stay warm and comfortable during the coldest weathers with the Broan 114 heater. The low profile design of this Broan electric heater makes it a perfect choice for places with less space such as a sta Show more
    $129.62 - 204.99
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Mr Heater MH125LP Heater

    Well-designed and compact, this Mr. Heater is an elegant solution for putting out impressive amounts of soothing heat. The Mr. Heater MH125LP is the perfect choice for all your spot heating needs. F Show more
    $239.99 - 293.02
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Mr Heater MH18B Heater

    While electric heaters can be compact, a gas heater like the Mr Heater MRH-MH18B can provide much more heat at 180,000 BTUs per hour, and does not rely on access to electrical power. This unit can use Show more
    $124.99 - 359.48
    ( 7 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Lasko 5588 Heater

    This Lasko heater is perfect for people who need to chase the chilly air away. It's equal parts cost-effective and strong. Professionals, homeowners, and homemakers alike can take pleasure in the fe Show more
    $88.99 - 99.99
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Optimus H-4110 Heater

    The Optimus H-4110 is a dish heater that keeps your room warm during the winter season. This Optimus 9-inch heater is ideal for your bedroom and kitchen. Consuming merely 300 W, this dish heater is qu Show more
    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Fire Sense Patio Heater - Brown

    Find Outdoor Heaters at Target.com! Our new patented Hammered Bronze Finish Square Flame Patio Heater brings a new dimension to outdoor heating. The stylish unit provides a uniquely visual flame while providing heat in every direction. Our superior b... Show more
    Brand: Fire Sense
    Seller: Target 
    Enlarge image

    Water Heater Burner Tube - 9003520

    This manufacturer-approved burner tube (part number 9003520) is for water heaters.Burner tube 9003520 supplies gas from the gas valve to the burner.The gas supply line connections must be checked for leaks after installing this part.... Show more
    Seller: Sears parts direct 
    Enlarge image

    Merco 340059 OEM Htr,4500 W 208v Ffhs

    Merco 340059 Htr,4500 W 208v Ffhs. Overall Dimensions: Length: 13 Width: 1.5 Height: 1.75 340059 From Merco... Show more
    Seller: Webstaurantstore In Stock
    Enlarge image

    Bromic Heating BH8180016 208V 3000W Tube Element in Chrome for Tungsten Electric Heaters

    Bromic HeatingKeep your Bromic Heating Tungsten 3000 and 6000W electric heaters in perfect working condition with this Bromic Heating BH8180016 tube heating element. This heating element is intended for use with 208V electrical circuits. With this tu... Show more
    Brand: Bromic
    Seller: Homeclick 
    Enlarge image

    Enerco (ENRF227500) Cabinet Heater

    Reflective radiant heat with the warmth of the sun This Radiant 18,000 BTU Portable Propane Heater requires no electricity and is whisper quiet With factory installed features like a tip-over safety switch and a thermoelectric safety valve with three... Show more
    Brand: Enerco
    Seller: National tool warehouse 
    Enlarge image

    Haier 3 Heat Setting Infrared Zone Heater with Dark Oak Finish

    Stay warm this winter with the Haier 3 Heat Setting Infrared Zone Heater. This 5,100 BTU unit with 3 infrared tube elements can turn 1,500 watts of power into toasty warm temperatures. Total control is at your fingertips with the Haier's remote co... Show more
    Seller: Vm innovations 
    Enlarge image

    Improvements Electric Wall Mounted Convection Heater with Heat Guard-400 Watts

    Low-profile but impressively powerful, Electric Wall Mounted Convection Heaters are a space-saving, contemporary solution.Standard space heaters can be unsightly space-stealers. These Electric Wall Mounted Convection Heaters are mounted onto the wall... Show more
    Seller: Improvements catalog 
    Enlarge image

    SunStar Heating Products Infrared Ceramic Heater - LP, 52,000 BTU, Model SGM6-L1

    The SunStar Heating Products Ceramic Heater is ideal for spot heating or area heating of remote locations, farm buildings, shops, service areas, pump houses or other hard-to-heat spaces, providing both fuel efficiency of radiant heat and installation... Show more
    Brand: Sunstar
    Seller: Northern tool Free Gift Card w/ Order
    Enlarge image

    Dewalt F340640 3.3 kW 11,260 BTU Electric Forced Air Portable Heater

    DHX330 3.3 kW 11,260 BTU Electric Forced Air Portable Heater - F340640. Electrostatic powder-coat finish ensures a long life and protection for internal components. Two-stage operation is built for versatile applications. Dual coil support eliminates... Show more
    Seller: Cpo dewalt Full Brand Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Unrivaled Customer Service.
    Enlarge image

    Infratech 14-2505 Deluxe Heat Lamp

    Economically priced tub light offers added cost savings. Three switch controls provide the capability to vary the amount of heat. Product is ideal for use with repair work. New wide base stand adjusts to over 6 ft. high. Product holds seven 250W R40 ... Show more
    Brand: Infratech
    Seller: Cpo outlets Full Brand Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Unrivaled Customer Service.
    Enlarge image

    Enerco Heater Cabinet Style: Make that cold garage easier to work in with portable heat.

    Enerco Cabinet HeaterReflective radiant heat with the warmth of the sun This Radiant 18,000 BTU Portable Propane Heater requires no electricity and is whisper quiet With factory installed features like a tip-over safety switch and a thermoelectric... Show more
    Brand: Enerco
    Seller: Ecs tuning 
    Enlarge image

    Wall-Mounted Infrared Stainless Steel Patio Heater - Grandin Road

    Our Wall-mounted Infrared Stainless Steel Patio Heater quickly warms your deck or patio with a 9' blanket of heat, even in windy conditions. It runs on regular 110 volt household current instead of propane, so all you need to do is plug it in instead... Show more
    Brand: Grandin Road
    Seller: Grandin road 
    Enlarge image

    Circulated Air Incubator with Forced Air Fan Kit

    A built-in fan improves egg hatching conditions by circulating a constant flow of warm air throughout the incubator. It allows you to improve hatching conditions by closely maintaining the ideal temperature of 99.5 degrees. Constructed of durable Sty... Show more
    Seller: Valley vet supply 
    Enlarge image

    Heat Smart Portable Zone Infrared Heater Model SSG1500 - Heat with Infra Red, not a bunch of light bulbs!

    Save this heating season with an auxiliary electric portable furnace. This furnace can heat a room up to 1, 000 square feet. 2 Heat Levels- In the HIGH position, the heater operates at 1500 watts and in the LOW position, the heater operates at 1000... Show more
    Brand: Heat Smart
    Seller: Ezvacuum.com