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  • Results 976 - 1000 from more than 1501
    Enlarge image

    Square on Squares Double Pole Trellis (Achla Designs) (FT26)

    The Achla Square-on-Squares Double Pole Trellis The Double Pole Trellis is a sturdy piece for flower baskets, feeders, or even our hanging bird bath. Use along a walk or drive to create a vertical ele Show more
    $61.74 - 63.00
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Koolatron Koolscapes 84 Gallon Pond Kit (07189392000P)

    Size: 84 Gallon Koolatron KSPK- Pond Kits include everything you need to construct a beautiful, low maintenance water garden. Features: -Pond kit. -Includes fish friendly non toxic pond liner . -2 Flo Show more
    $59.99 - 59.99
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    7.5'' Home Garden Tilt Umbrella - Fabric Red Frame Finish Champagne Bronze

    $161.56 - 164.86
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Lifetime 60058 Large Compost Tumbler Black 80-Gallon HDPE Plastic Easy Turn NEW

    $129.99 - 129.99
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Design Toscano 20 in. Farmer Frank Little Boy Garden Statue

    $62.90 - 62.90
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Cohasset Gifts & Garden Cohasset Imports Natural Sun-Moon Wind Chime (CH103N)

    Enjoy the low resonant tones of bamboo tubes gently rustling together creating a breezy island symphony that relieves stress and soothes the soul. Extremely popular wind chime with sun carving on one  Show more
    $31.90 - 50.99
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Design Tocano Statues Design Toscano Medium Bronze 14 In. w x 12 In. d x 10 In. h Crab, SU1115 (Design Toscano) (846092003112)

    When you see this realistic bronze sculpture seemingly ""crawl"" through your garden, it just might send you scurrying! Since beauty is in the details, our high-quality garden sculpture is sure to bri Show more
    $145.95 - 145.95
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Hammaka Hammock Chair 4002-HMKA with Wood Dowels and Tripod Stand, (Hammaka) (855686000628)

    The Hammaka Tripod Stand and Chair Set is the perfect portable solution to take leisure on the go! Whether you are camping, fishing or watching your child\'s soccer game, you can now go anywhere in co Show more
    $139.49 - 160.99
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Gronomics 48 in. x 48 in. x 6.5 in. Modular Raised Garden Bed One Level MRGB-1L 48-48 (898410002741)

    Height: 6.5" Gronomics MRGB-1L 48-48 The new modular raised garden bed is designed to easily expand with your garden needs and to create unlimited multi-level designs. Modular raised garden beds are i Show more
    $60.33 - 64.32
    ( 5 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Design Toscano Madonna of Bruges Statue - 1504

    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Large Straight Neck Bronze Crane (Design Toscano) (SU2205)

    Like those seen in traditional English gardens, this Asian symbol of peace is a lifelike, lost wax bronze statue with a verdigris patina. In a medium perfect for showcasing its graceful legs and exqui Show more
    $568.86 - 568.86
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Design Tocano Statues Design Toscano 12 In. w x 11 In. d x 39 In. h Gods of the Three Pleasures Tiki, NG31188 (Design Toscano) (846092001682)

    $96.48 - 106.90
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Oakland Living Decorative Cast Iron Fire Pit Ring (8120BK)

    $65.99 - 127.99
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Design Toscano Detest the Rest Gargoyle Statue (CL55670)

    Detest the Rest Gargoyle Statue When you're ready to tell the world to "take a hike," join artist Gary Chang's newest gargoyle in a little decompression session! Full of pent-up anger, this menacing  Show more
    $50.49 - 55.95
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Havahart 1079 Live Animal Professional-Style One-Door Raccoon Groundhog Opossum and Stray Cat Cage Trap

    $48.97 - 53.52
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    SkyMall Panther Statue (Design Toscano) (KY71174)

    Design Toscano KY71174 Your leafy summer garden will be labeled an exotic getaway when this sleek cat steps out to greet your visitors! The heart of African wildlife is captured in our more than two- Show more
    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Dramm 22625 Syphonject Siphon Mixer with External Check Valve

    $17.09 - 17.09
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    California Umbrella Patio Umbrella: Round Pulley Patio Umbrella: Blue 9' (SOW908P01)

    $42.55 - 65.00
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Cohasset Gifts & Garden Cohasset 580 Gold Finch Cohasset (BSCH580)

    Cohasset Bells are made by the same Balinese artists that craft our bamboo wind chimes. They select the perfect combination of driftwood, windfall (which is collected by village fisherman) and beads t Show more
    $55.99 - 56.99
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Gronomics RGB 34-34 34-Inch by 34-Inch by 13-Inch Raised Garden Bed, Unfinished (898410002031)

    Raised Garden Beds are ideal for small plots of vegetables and/or flowers. With these beds you eliminate tilling, soil amending, and minimize weeding. They are quick and easy to assemble plant and mai Show more
    $120.45 - 129.99
    ( 5 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Master Mark Plastics 20ft. The Professional Landscape Edging 25320

    Give your front yard a handsome appearance with this 20' Professional Landscape Edging (25320) from Master Mark Plastics. Now you can block the unwanted growth of grass and weeds as you create a neat  Show more
    $15.27 - 24.99
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Wonder Soil Expand & Plant 10 lb. Reground Fertilizer

    Expands up to 2 cu. ft.. Nutritional blend of coir, worm casings, and more. Improves air/water flow. Resealable, stand-up bag. Dimensions: 17.75L x 14W x 5.25H in.. Make your potted plants, container garden, or lawn flourish with the Wonder Soil Expa... Show more
    Brand: OUTDOOR
    Seller: Hayneedle Now Accepting PayPal!
    Enlarge image

    Seymour S300 DuraLite Tree Pruner Pruning Tool

    1.125 in. cutting capacity compound action lopper with 13 in. blade. Locking mechanism. 6 - 12 ft. telescoping fiberglass handle with nylon cap grip. Sturdy steel and fiberglass construction. Dimensions: 8.5L x 2W x 88.25H in.. Keep your trees in tip... Show more
    Brand: OUTDOOR
    Seller: Hayneedle Free Shipping! Now Accepting PayPal!
    Enlarge image

    1.5-Ft X 1.04-Ft N Monogram Flag 27-1962-01

    Beautiful design addition to any outdoor decor. Durable construction and fade-resistant. Text is readable on both sides.... Show more
    Brand: Flag
    Seller: Lowe's 
    Enlarge image

    Greenview 25 lbs. Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer

    Dimensions: 13L x 3W x 26H in.. Contains fertilizer. Premium quality. Fall fairway formula. Weighs 15 lbs.. The key to a great lawn isn't what you're doing this year, it's about what you did last year, and the Lebanon Seaboard Corporation Lebanon Sea... Show more
    Brand: Lebanon Seaboard
    Seller: Hayneedle Now Accepting PayPal!