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    Enlarge image

    Summit Appliances Division 116 - 12 8oz Mosquito Bits (018506001162)

    Quick Kill Mosquito Bits The Name Says It All Mosquito Bits kill fast- Within 24 hours - Before mosquitoes are old enough to bite. Add these easy ready to use "bits" to water gardens, flower pots, rai Show more
    $9.32 - 13.96
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Bayer Season Long Grub Control (700710S)

    Patented 2-in-1 formula kills grubs all season long PLUS promotes strong roots and thicker turf. Creates a season-long protective zone to kill grubs before they do damage PLUS increases turf root mas Show more
    $19.97 - 24.41
    ( 3 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Enforcer Products Zep/Enforcer Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray 16oz (EWHIK16)

    Features:For outdoor use onlyUp to a 22 foot jet blastNon-conductive up to 47,300 voltsKills wasps, honet, yellow jackets, and other listed insectsContains - Tetramethrin .10%, Permethrin .25%, Pidero Show more
    $3.70 - 227.90
    ( 4 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Heartwood 094 Bat Lodge Bat House Finish: Cypress with Roof (Heartwood)

    Color: Natural Cypress with Green Roof Heartwood 094 This hand crafted USA made bat house is the natural way to help rid your outdoor environment of pesky mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs - Bats e Show more
    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Curtron BL200 Silent Fly Trap

    Keep your business free from flying pests with a Curtron Products BL200 Pest-Pro Series 200 Silent Fly Trap. This series 200 Curtron Products BL200 Pest-Pro Silent Fly Trap covers 1500 square feet wi Show more
    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    Birdx Transonic Pro Pest Repeller (TRANSONICPRO)

    Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Repels Rodents, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, Bats, Spiders, Fleas, Tics, & Many Other Flying & Crawling Pests & Insects, Covers Up To 2,000 SQFT, Use Indoors Or Outdoors, 20' Show more
    $27.99 - 83.04
    ( 6 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Dalen 16 in. Great Horned Owl Natural Enemy Scarecrow (Dalen-OW-6)

    Dalen OW6 Gardeneer 16-Inch Molded Owl features: Hand-Painted Natural Enemy Owls. Life-like, hand-painted owls repel pesky birds and varmints while adding charm to any garden. The Great Horned Owl is  Show more
    $12.56 - 40.99
    ( 2 merchants)
    Enlarge image

    Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Guardian BugNet (BN001)

    It's really not fun to wake up with bugs in your nose, that's why ENO created the Guardian BugNet. The compact and light weight ENO Guardian BugNet will protect your night slumbers in your ENO hammock Show more
    ( 1 merchant)
    Enlarge image

    PIC Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap - 1386-0176

    PIC Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap - 1386-0176. 6 entry tunnels attract from all directions. Special design that lures insects in and never out. No chemicals or poisons used. Durable and reusable. Dimensions: 5.25L x 5.25W x 6.5H in..... Show more
    Brand: Industrial
    Seller: Hayneedle Now Accepting PayPal!
    Enlarge image

    Garden Grow Kit

    An intriguing gift for the gardener, these tiny kits contain everything you need to sprout a Japanese maple bonsai tree, palm tree, or Venus Fly Trap. - Peat, seed, perlite, plastic, cardboard - USA 4.5”H, 2.5” diameter... Show more
    Seller: Terrain 
    Enlarge image

    Honana HN-P4 Strong Sticky Mouse Trap Glue Rat Control Trap Mice Catcher-Pests Control Killer

    Honana HN-P4 Strong Sticky Mouse Trap Glue Rat Control Trap Mice Catcher Description: The stuck rodent will not be able to escape. Foldable design allows product to fit into tunnel shapes, suitable for placement in narrow space. Also can be used to t... Show more
    Seller: Banggood Big Bang For Your Buck, Free Shipping!
    Enlarge image

    Outdoor Garden Solar Power Mole Repeller Iltrasonic Mouse Repellent

    Outdoor Garden Solar Power Ultrasonic Mole Repeller The rat repeller unit is effective at repelling mice, by emitting a sonic pulse which mice feel as a vibration transmitted through the ground. Mice then perceive a danger zone causing them to evac... Show more
    Brand: Generics
    Seller: Alex nld 
    Enlarge image

    Under Hood Animal Repeller by Dream Products

    Keep Critters From Making Your Car Their Home. Clever repeller emits ultrasound waves in a random pattern that will drive away unwelcome guests. The sound waves, which can only be heard by animals, is the most humane way yet to stop varmints from ... Show more
    Brand: Repel
    Seller: Dream products 
    Enlarge image

    2-in-1 Porch Mosquito Lites

    Light your home and kill blood-sucking Zika and disease carrying mosquitoes and other insects at the same time! Zika, Dengue Fever, West Nile and other diseases are on the rise - help safeguard your family with this Ninja CO2 bulb! Scientists believe... Show more
    Seller: Heartland america 
    Enlarge image

    Ready-To-Use Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer - Terro

    Find Insect and Animal Control at! Kill destructive carpenter ants and termites with Terro Ready-To-Use Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer. Contact kill gives you immediate results when spraying insects directly, while residual activity kill... Show more
    Brand: Terro
    Seller: Target 
    Enlarge image

    2-in-1 Ultimate Mosquito Killer and Pest Control LED Bulb

    Creative 2-in-1 solution, it's both an LED light and UV light that attracts and kills mosquitoes and insects Can be used anywhere inside or outside your home in any standard light fixture Energy Efficient usage of less than 10 watts of energy Chemica... Show more
    Brand: ULTIMATE
    Seller: Tanga 
    Enlarge image

    Dynatrap XL One Acre Insect Trap In Bronze

    The One Acre Insect Trap from Dynatrap is engineered for 3-way protection against mosquitos and other flying insects for up to an acre away. Two types of lure, one UV light-based and the other C02 based, attract these pests to suck them into the vacu... Show more
    Seller: Bed bath & beyond Free Shipping Over $49!
    Enlarge image

    Improvements Bobbing-Head Owl Decoy

    This moving owl is the perfect bird, rodent and rabbit repellent for your garden. Tired of bunnies munching on your garden produce? Instead of spray-on rabbit repellents that wash away in the rain, try this realistic owl decoy. Stationary owl decoys ... Show more
    Brand: Improvements
    Seller: Improvements catalog 
    Enlarge image

    Eradicator Bed Bug Spray 24 oz by Ecolivingfriendly

    Eradicator Bed Bug Spray 24 oz ECO LIVING FRIENDLY Eradicator Bed Bug Spray is scientifically proven to effectively eradicate bed bugs, dust mites, fleas, and many other insects on contact. Attacks and destroys insects exoskeleton without toxic and i... Show more
    Enlarge image

    Repel 100 Insect Repellent Pump Spray 98.11% DEET 4 fl. oz.

    It's that time of year again when we all want to spend more time in the outdoors. Whether you're enjoying the backyard, strolling in the park, hanging out at the beach or on the river when sun goes down the bugs come out. Maybe you're taking a winter... Show more
    Brand: Repel
    Seller: Sunny sports  
    Enlarge image

    Vortex Electronic Insect Trap; Color: No Color

    Home Supplies - Don't let insects ruin your next picnic. Creates carbon dioxide with UV light & titanium dioxide which attracts insects. Vacuum fan draws in insects. Pesticide & odor free. Use day or night. Indoor/outdoor. All weather construction. K... Show more
    Seller: Haband 
    Enlarge image

    UltraShield EX Insecticide Repellent Gallon

    ... Show more
    Brand: Repel
    Seller: Entirely pets 
    Enlarge image

    Snugpak Jungle Hammock with Mosquito Net Olive

    inchIn the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. inch And, unfortunately, the bugs bite... in the jungle, the woods and other spots you're trekking. So here's a Hammock with netting built right in! Perfect for those for who don't want t... Show more
    Seller: Sportsman's guide 
    Enlarge image

    Red Steel Battery-Operated Bug Zapper by World Market

    Outdoor Dining And Entertaining -Keep your alfresco activities free of pesky, flying bugs with our efficient, battery-operated zapper. Material: , Color:. Also could be used forbbq,grill,barbecue,barbequing,grilling,grilling accessories,bbq accessori... Show more
    Brand: OUTDOOR
    Seller: Cost plus world market 
    Enlarge image

    Women's ZapMaster Solar Bug Zapper

    Solar bug zapperlantern Kill pesky mosquitos with ZapMaster. The solar bug zapper uses a 900V grid to attract and kill bugs without any harmful chemicals. The dual-function unit doubles as a lantern. A light sensor prevents it from turning on during ... Show more