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    100PCS Dwarf Blue Curled Kale Seed Garden Organic Vegetable Seeds

    Description: 1. Dwarf blue curled kale is a great source of vitamins A, C, K and minerals. 2. Containing twice the amount of vitamin C as an equivalent portion of orange juice and more calcium than milk. Growth habit: 1. Germination temperatur... Show more
    Seller: Alex nld 
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    1.5-Gallon Ornamental Kale (L14885) Nursery

    Colorful foliage. Exceptional texture. Great in mixed borders. Perfect accent in containers.... Show more
    Seller: Lowe's 
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    Kitchen Looseleaf Leafy Kale Herb Brassica Napus Rosemary Stripper

    Brand New and high quality. Ideal for making kale chips and other healthy snacks. Suitable for working with wood herbs such as thyme, rosemary tarragon dill, parsley. The hand held design is easy to use, just insert the stem and pull through the hole... Show more
    Brand: Rosemary
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    30Pcs Leaves Peony Flowers Seeds Kale Garden Foliage Plants Mini Potted Plants Seeds

    Leaves peony like cool and half-yin environment, bogey hot, suitable for the growth temperature of about 20 during the day and night 7 ~ 10 both afraid of wet and afraid of drought, should be planted in a well drained, fertile loose neutral or alkali... Show more
    Brand: OUTDOOR