TK390 Mini Computer, Onboard CPU: Intel NM65 Celeron 1037U Dual Core 1.8GHz Processor (2M Cache), 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD (Black)

TK390 Mini Computer, Onboard CPU: Intel NM65 Celeron 1037U Dual Core 1.8GHz Processor  (2M Cache), 2GB RAM,  16GB SSD (Black)
About the productTK390 mini PC adopts 1037U processor, dual core CPU 1.8GHz, which has exquisite workmanship motherboard, on board 2GB RAM and 16G SSD, as for graphics card, we added Intel HD Graphics HD2500-3000 discrete Graphics, support 3G users. This model added COM port and it is built for industrial users, which could fully competent in the industrial application, all solid and muting design, the whole motherboard design had taken the demand of the industrial users into account. Features1. Mini TK390: TK390 mini PC with small size, 200*200*40mm volume, 1.5KG, perfect ports, small and delicate, the size is 1/36 of the standard desktop, saving space, very convenient to move, adopt the black Aluminum alloy shell which looks very professional and high-end. Firm and shake proof enough 2. High performance: TK390 mini PC adopts multi-thread INTEL 1037U dual core CPU, 1.8GHZ speed, it has strong office processing performance, standard configuration 16G SSD could fully satisfied the modern office demand, low consumption, high performance dual core CPU and high performance VGA chipset could be absolutely competent in 3D graphic design and Artistic Design. 3. low consumption: TK390 thin client uses brand new environmental protection and energy saving design, it uses the improved cooling fan of the notebook, consumption is the 1/6 of the traditional desktop, also the heat dissipation effect is outstanding. 4. Super high definition: TK390 adopts the industry leading NVIDIA ION 2 graphic processor, which has the Pure Video HD, 16 core CUDA technology, it could easily set up the living room and bedroom high definition theater experience, and it will show you the HD visual exquisite. It is the best choice for the people who pursue perfect high definition visual enjoy. 5. Storage device: Standard configuration SSD16G, could choose mass capacity HDD, 2.5 inch HDD 6. Network: Onboard Redlrik RTL8111E/8105E, Gigabit nics chip 7. Utility: Office, medical Equipment, safe, network, POS and so on 8. Virtualization: Support Virtualization technology 9. Support DX10.1, HDMI, full screen HD playback, DirectX 11 3D API, 64 bit computing


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